Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011 | By: Asril Arilaha

Job Satisfaction Survey: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Based on Secondary School Teachers’ Sample

Author: Milda Astrauskaite, Raimundas Vaitkevicius, Aidas Perminas


Despite a number of studies in the field of job satisfaction, there are still some problematic areas left. A question, which still lacks explanation, is whether specific sample may be evaluated using instruments which were primarily developed based on a different type of a sample than the one under research. With regard to the problematic area, we generated the purpose for our research.
The purpose of the present study is to examine Job Satisfaction Survey’s (JSS) relevance for estimation of job satisfaction in teacher population.
Results of the standard Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the teachers’ sample did not support the existence of 9 facets, suggesting that some of the JSS’s scales do not reflect teachers’ job satisfaction. The best model in the present study was determined to be a three facet model, including promotion, supervision and nature of work. The obtained research results, limitations and recommendations are discussed.

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