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The ERD 2010, “Social protection for inclusive development”, has officially been launched on 07 December 2010 at the European Development Days, in Brussels.
Supported by the European Commission and seven EU Member States, the ERD initiative seeks to enhance the EU’s perspective on development issues on the basis of independent knowledge excellence, innovation and enhanced bridges between top-level academics and policy-makers.


1.4 billion people, nearly three times the population of the European Union, are living in extreme poverty.
This remains the most pressing global challenge of our times and increases the imperative to act. Development is the ultimate human interest story. The international development landscape is changing rapidly. New players are emerging and co-operation between developing countries is on the rise. Development is also increasingly being pursued in concert with other global challenges, such as climate change, migration, security and access to energy. Global economic instability, illustrated by the recent triple food-oil-financial/economic crisis, has slowed growth and increased poverty in a number of countries. It has also shed light on the structural vulnerability of many developing countries and their increasing heterogeneity. Finally, critical voices are growing as regards the role, impact and governance of aid in the context of tight budget constraints and increased public scrutiny in donor countries.
Then, there is the looming 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals. As announced in September 2010 in New York, the EU remains highly committed to this front over the coming years.
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