Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011 | By: Asril Arilaha

Pengaruh Faktor Pendidikan, Pelatihan, Motivasi dan Pengalaman Kerja terhadap Kinerja Kepala Desa

Author : Soetjipto
This research was aimed at knowing and analyzing the effect of education, training motivation andjob experience factors toward the performance of village oficer (study on both Pakis and Tumpang Municipalities in Malang Regency). This study was executed using samples of 30 respondents (village officers)from both areas. To examine the effect of such factors as education, training, motivation andjob experience on their performances, this research applied the analysis of double linear regression. The result ofsuch analysis indicated that the product of R' was 0.696 or as the amount of 69.9%. This resub indicated that as much as 69.6% of dependent variable could be explained by the independent one. While, the remaining 30.4% was described by another variable(s) that was not included in this study The result of Ttest showed that all the independent variables (education, training, motivation, andjob experience) partially gave significant effect on the village administrators 'performances in Kecamatan Pakis and Tumpang ofMalang Regency. The job experience was partially the most dominant variable in affecting the administrators' perfomances, meaning that the second hypothesis was accepted This was proofed by the fact that regression coefficient for working discipline variable was larger than that of other variables (respectively 0,696 > 0,639 > 0,574 > 0,242). Thus, hypothesis stating that the job experience had dominant effect on village oficers ' performances was statistically verified

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